Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baby Boy Garcia

I've been slacking on the posts lately, but I feel inspired to write today. I am now at 33 weeks and counting. We found out at 22 weeks that we're having a boy! We've picked the name...the family knows his name, but the big reveal will be at his delivery. Setting up the nursery is making things real and very exciting. My awesome mother-in-law and her wonderful friend Christine are coming to our house tomorrow to paint a mural for baby Garcia - I'll be sure to take pictures of the final product! Each day that passes, I'm getting more excited to meet our little man. Things are about to change for our family and we can't wait!


Colette Garcia said...

We can't wait to meet this precious boy. Thank you for including me in your plans and prep for his arrival. My heart is full of love for him - and both you and Mike, as well. I adore you, btw. -Grammy Col

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