Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer Discoveries

Summer is winding down (it goes by so fast!) and school starts in two weeks. I'm excited to see the new little faces of 1st grade. This summer has been productive and rejuvenating! Here are some of my fabulous summer activities, leading to surprising discoveries:

Guitar lessons ~ Mike and I took guitar lessons together in June and by the end of the class, we were able to play lots of fun chords and simple songs like Eleanor Rigby. Ha! We're going to be rock stars.

Going back to school ~ It's about time! Actually, this summer was the perfect time to go back. I am taking classes to start my educational goal of finally earning my teaching license. The writing class, Craft of Writing, inspired me to start this blog! I have rediscovered my love of writing, and have tapped into creative thinking, that has been hibernating for way too long.

Landscaping ~ It was an exhausting 8 weeks, but well worth the labor! We designed and landscaped our back yard. It is now blooming with beautiful flowers and trees, and the pups LOVE running around on their new grass. No more dirty paws!

Hosting parties ~ Now that we have a house, we can host parties! I love having people over to enjoy great food, drinks, music, and company. We had an awesome 4th of July gathering and next will be a 'girls night in' wine and tapas party. I love bringing people together to celebrate the little things in life.

Morning coffee ~ I've never been a coffee drinker, but I started to drink a cup or two on the weekends. Now, it has become a ritual. It's a great way to start the day, along with reading a good book on the patio.

Cooking ~ When I'm not doing homework, I like to find new recipes to cook for dinner or dessert. I tend to gravitate towards baking lately, but the other night I found a delicious Carne Asada recipe from Yum! Cooking is fun and relaxing.

Ahhh, the long, warm days of summer! What an awesome couple months it has been.


Katy said...

Hi! Stopping in from SITS. Saw your blog and thought it looked interesting. Would love to come back when I have more time to poke around! Love the pic with the umbrella! The wedding pics are nice too. Did you take them? I signed up to follow. Have a great week!

Juliet Grossman said...

I'm from SITS too! Welcome. You will love it. I have discovered so many interesting blogs. It's really a great group of friendly, upbeat women. I like your summer discoveries. Funny about coffee --- being a non-drinker yet enjoying it on weekends. I'm a tea drinker and lately my husband has been commenting that he wants me to share a cup of coffee (even if it's just decaf) with him on weekends. I might have to jump ship to have a bonding moment.

Dorkys Ramos said...

Cannot believe it's August already! Sounds like you've taken full advantage of the summer months though. Great pic :)

Visiting from SITS to say hello!

Jenny said...

Get thine self to - best food blog ever, and she tests all her recipes so they're always good.

I want to hear some guitar, btw! Yes.

Jenny said...

Also, I'm only "going away" to my studio - got to cut out distraction for a week before school starts. This is the last blog I visit for a week!

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